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Data Analysis & Interpretation

Research America conducts market research data analysis that uncovers what you need to learn about what your customers want from your brand, products and services. Our expertise and analytical tools will guide you through interpreting what your data means, and the implications for your business and marketing plans. Market research data analysis informs decisions about which product attributes to focus on, and which advertising strategies will work in sync with your sales goals.

  • Perceptual Mapping - Perceptual Mapping helps you understand how your products are perceived by different segments in your target audiences, guiding how you competitively position and market your current product, and helping to identify potential new products.

  • Quadrant Analysis - Research America’s experts take consumer opinions about various product features from you and your competitors and plot each in a two-dimensional quadrant graph so that you can immediately see which important benefits are highly rated and perform well, and which features need improvement.

  • Price-Demand Mapping - Develop better-informed, data-driven pricing strategies through price testing techniques, including price demand mapping, where analytics experts investigate your target market’s willingness to buy across a variety of price points

  • Correlation and Regression - Correlation and regression analysis are data analysis tools that determine if there is a relationship among multiple data variables and, if so, the strength of these relationships. This helps you understand which areas you should target to improve your key outcomes.

  • Conjoint Analysis and Choice Modeling - Conjoint analysis and choice-modeling simulates the decision-making process between one product offering and another and asks consumers to prioritize attributes, benefits, and varying performance levels. Conjoint analysis and choice-modeling optimize product design, bundling of service offerings, and brand pricing.

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