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Providing Impactful Consumer Insights

Listening, questioning, boiling it down, prioritizing, testing, validating, extrapolating, observing, synthesizing, interpreting... it’s what we do every day. Focused, reliable, and actionable information to make smart and profitable business decisions – is what you get when you work with Research America – an experienced consumer insights company.

Research America recognize the importance of understanding your customers on multiple levels. Not only is this vital for the future of your company’s success, but it improves the customers’ experience as well. How a company’s customer base thinks in terms of their wants and needs, in addition to their perception of said company, ultimately determines the direction of a business, but that’s not to say it is entirely reliant upon them. We strive to conduct deep, thorough research to interpret these wants and needs from the customer’s standpoint and utilize that information for your business.

If performed correctly, consumer insight analysis will yield eye-opening data, the results of which can then be implemented to improve upon products, services, business practices, or highlight certain trends. Doing so will strengthen the customers’ perceptions of the company and, in turn, lead to a flux of revenue.   

Consumer insighting For over 35 years, clients from every industry sector have come to us with their growth vision and questions about how to get there:

  • What new markets can we expand into?
  • Which consumer trends should we be paying attention to now?
  • Who is my target customer?
  • How do I get more out of our current customers?
  • In what ways do you collect consumer data?
  • How is the collected data used?
  • How can we increase our market share?

Our Work Across the New Product Development Pipeline

Customers want to be heard, and a reliable consumer insights company like Research America is here to listen. By gathering a collective knowledge of high-quality consumer data, our committed analytics experts will come together to find the cause of recent consumer patterns. This means that we won’t only determine what your customers are after, but why they are after it. This comprehension is essential to continue growing as a business.

• Our CLT & Focus Group Facilities

• Innovation & Development

• Ad Tracking & Brand Messaging

• Market Landscaping/Benchmark

• Presentation & Reporting

• Health & Sustainability

• Strategic Consulting

• Qualitative Marketing Research

• Quantitative Data Collection

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