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Habits & Practices/Attitudes & Usages

An attitude and usage study is conducted to analyze and define the factors that influence how the consumer uses a product or service and their attitude or position on a brand. This type of research is an important element when collecting customer data and includes topics such as how frequently they purchase and use the product and their outlook towards the brand.

The goal of this study is to uncover realities regarding brand awareness, brand attitude, and brand usage. To learn about the consumer’s habits and practices, we need to know where and why consumers use the product, the pattern and frequency of product usage, discovering the different ways they use the product, and recognizing the reasons for using the product along with other products.

Mobile technology has quickly and dramatically transformed consumer behavior from simply how they interact with people to how they interact with your brand, your products and services. Our proprietary iMobileShare™ tool provides you with instant feedback from your customers, your competitor’s customers, consumers who use similar products or consumers who happen to be close to your location. Contact us to learn more!

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