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Data Processing & Analytics

Marketing research only succeeds if it brings measurable results. Research America utilizes market research data processing techniques and develops analytical designs specifically to help you make sense of the enormous amounts of data that your study generates. We produce detailed reporting deliverables that include highlights that help you develop and adjust your marketing plan with measurable indicators and insightful performance analysis.

  • Analytics - Our analytics team works alongside your marketers to design research pathways that address your business challenges. Bringing decades of experience in broad and specialty business industries, we examine ways to apply knowledge uncovered by marketing research to product development, customer segmentation, and user experience.
  • Coding - Research America marketing researchers apply their deep expertise to make sense of the huge amount of data collected through open-ended responses within each survey.
  • Programming - Depending on the information our clients wish to obtain, Research America programming staff program complex computer questionnaires to ask any type of question and gather many categories of data, which can then be tabulated quickly for accurate results.
  • Cross Tabulations - Cross tabulation analysis shows how survey responses relate to each other, as well as to demographic and other category responses in the survey. Cross tabulation analysis explores two or more variables simultaneously, dividing raw data into subgroups and showing how each dependent variable changes by subgroup.
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