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Telephone Surveys, interviews and opinion polling are some of the fastest ways to do market research. We offer real advantages over internet-based and other types of self-administered polling. We also offer respondents the opportunity...


Welcome to Research America

Welcome to Research America, a public opinion market research firm providing companies, organizations and political parties with the market research needed to enhance products and services for their consumer base. With 30 years experience and five centers nationwide, we employ about 300 marketing experts.

Current trends mandate concerted effort by business owners to give their marketing efforts every chance for success. Outsourcing your research efforts to a company that utilizes proven methods to gather data helps you better identify potential markets and customers and saves you time and money.

Research America provides data collection services, telephone surveys and opinion polling services.

Taking the pulse of your target market has never been easier. Choosing a call center with the right mix of knowledge, expert skills, tools and personnel isn’t easy. While many outbound call centers offer surveys, few have real expertise in creating studies from the ground up. What’s their marketing research background? How accurately do they execute projects and tabulate results?

We have the experience as the go-to research call center that larger firms rely on for support. When firms need skilled telephone survey outsourcing, they turn to us. We’re one of the few companies offering this same process to small and mid-sized businesses.

Comprehensive Surveys

Marketing research surveys consistently prove value as part of an overall  program. Companies are taking advantage of the ability to poll potential end-users of their products and services. They’re plugging results directly into development and product lines. Analyzing answers and gaining knowledge about competition makes sense as companies expand. Even if you’ve got a new idea for a great product or service, the data we gather can gauge your company's performance when you launch regionally or across the country.

Why Choose Research America?

Our staff includes highly qualified individuals trained in the fields of communications, computers, and analysis, among others. Our comprehensive knowledge gives your business accurate information because we understand how to conduct comprehensive studies that answer real marketing questions.

Real surveys, collecting valid data

It’s vitally important that studies have low error rates. Interviewers need to reach the correct respondents, ask questions flawlessly, and record answers accurately. We understand our role in relationship to other tasks involved in market research. We’re here to provide real answers. Our live interviewing process elicits valid responses from the people your survey needs to connect with. Our interviewers accurately enter responses into our CATI system for quick reporting.

Expert coordination and execution

We can provide outbound call lists tailored for your study, or you can provide your own lists to our team. Our agents meticulously place outbound calls, and are skilled at reaching key contacts. Our agents will lead respondents accurately through each phone survey, and our computerized systems report the results of every call. You’ll be able to see where we’ve had success. You’ll have full control of your efforts. We can change your questions on the fly, vary calling areas and times, and alter your program generating meaningful data for your project.

Skilled tabulation, reporting and consultation

Research America tabulates data and issues and reports quickly because agents use advanced computerized systems at each workstation. When you need assistance understanding results, we’re ready to answer questions and show exactly what the data means in terms of your success. You can quickly learn amazing facts about the health of your business and how much you can grow through marketing research survey responses.

Your Company's Marketing Research Survey

Having a clear path to success means asking for directions along the road. The answers provided through a well-designed market research project create a detailed roadmap to achieving your sales goals. Contact us today and you’ll discover how quickly we can put our strategies into play for your organization. Our surveys are useful for business and beyond. We’ve conducted effective and useful studies for clients from various backgrounds including the banking, healthcare, medical, political, retail, utilities, and the gaming industries and for hundreds of client businesses just like yours. We’re happy to speak with you and design an affordable package quickly that accurately delivers information your organization needs right now.

The Foundation for Transparency in Offshoring has certified RAI as a 100% domestic market research services provider. The FTO  requires offshoring disclosure by call centers wishing to achieve the various levels of certification offered by The FTO, including their percentage of subcontracting work to foreign outsourcing service providers. This certification confirms our long history of offering value in telephone-based public opinion polls to a broad range of clients who desire the data security that US-based contracts afford. RAI conducts all clients’ studies within the United States, utilizing call center facilities in the Philadelphia, PA vicinity and only employs on-site telephone representatives.

Any information provided is secure and protected and will only be used for contact by a representative of Research America Inc.. If you wish to opt out of any further communication with Research America Inc, please send an email to with OPT OUT  in the subject line.

Privacy Policy

Many companies spend time researching their market through reading and other forms of second-hand market research. As valuable as these forms of market research are, companies that utilize surveys and data collection...

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