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Telephone Surveys

Itís 6 p.m. on a weekday. Youíre settling down to eat dinner, when the phone rings. When you answer, itís someone asking you to take part in a telephone survey. Which prompts the question: what exactly are telephone surveys and who wants your opinion?

Telephone surveys are one of the most accurate and effective ways through which a company can develop products or services to match consumer interest. Companies use telephone surveys to ask questions about their products or services directly to their potential customer base. Companies utilize telephone surveys for marketing research (gathering information about which, products are selling or about what consumers perceive as a need or want in a product or service). Telephone interviewers are able to personally assure the consumer of confidentiality, explain in-depth reasons for conducting the telephone survey, and are able to get responses to and record open-ended questions much more effectively than using other mediums (such as through the internet or mail). Many companies especially concentrate on having personable live telephone interviewers, since consumers must feel comfortable answering telephone survey questions. Since telephone surveys also use live people, this approach is more personally tailored to consumers and makes for more accurate telephone survey data.

You may be wondering what kind of companies use telephone surveys for marketing research. The list is almost endless. A beverage company might use telephone survey data for feedback on a new drink thatís been test marketed to a specific area. The producer will create a telephone survey that will poll households in the area and discover whichdiscover which demographic likes the new drink and why. A retail company may use telephone survey data to measure how satisfied current customers are with their customer service or returns policy. A financial corporation could even use telephone surveys in two parts the first telephone survey would attempt to record types of common stressors employees encounter and how they affect productivity. , The second tollowfollow-up telephone survey would ask specific questions to employees about their reaction to proposed solutions to some of the problems that were cited in the previous survey.

When companies and corporations work with marketing professionals to design and conduct telephone surveys, they understand that consumer opinion is esstentialessential to the success of their project. ComsumersConsumers participating in telephone surveys can be confident that theyíll be fairly representing a portion of the population just by providing an opinion and a few facts about their background. Accurate consumer facts and opinions are used directly as tool for product and company growth. As participants in telephone surveys, consumers have tremendous power over the shelf-life of a product or the direction of an organization.