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Telephone Interviewing

Research America’s consultants develop marketing research interviewing programs that best fit the audiences that you want to learn from during your research. Each type of interview will help you learn more about your product or service’s ideal customer, and what type of advertising and promotional strategy will work best with that group. Your targeted respondents may interact with our research questions over a distance or face to face, but every style of interview has the same goal: to discover data to help you gauge trends, gather demographic information, and generate opinions.

No matter what interviewing method is selected for your study, Research America interviewers guide each discussion eliciting the general opinion of each respondent, and know how important it is to remain impartial to ensure bias-free data.

Telephone Interviews: Live, IVR and Mail to Telephone

Research America telephone interviewing studies are designed to make the most out of marketing research budgets quickly delivering useable information back to the telephone research client.

Survey Interviews can follow a pre-arranged script requiring yes/no, multiple choice or scaled answers, but accurate interviewing can also take advantage of probing techniques. Live interviewers are trained to probe where appropriate within the guidelines of each script, and shape interview questions around the respondent’s answers during their conversation. Telephone research can use live interviewers, or take advantage of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology for short surveys and/or potential respondent screening.

When your research project involves evaluating physical objects attributes, (i.e. packaging product color, shape, size and other qualities) or other stimulus (advertising, swatches), our consultants will design a mail-to-telephone interviewing study. Respondents receive packets of information in the mail before their telephone interview with a live researcher. Respondents can interact with the item features before their interview appointment.

Individual Face-to-Face Interviews

Each face-to-face interview gives researchers the opportunity to build rapport with respondents, get their complete attention during the interview and limit distractions. Interviewers can note exactly what they observe during the interview as their subject responds to questions and/or interacts with product stimuli. Individual face-to-face interviews can be done in the home, by randomly stopping people on the street in an intercept interview, or through targeting respondents at an event or location.

Focus Group Interviews

Focus groups gather six to nine targeted respondents in a room with moderator who has a discussion guide containing two or three prepared questions. Research America builds focus groups for your study by selecting people who share the same interests, work in similar backgrounds or share other like-characteristics. Our moderators build dynamic conversations in the interviewing room and create a dialogue among your participants about the topics you want to study.

Dyads, Triads and Quads

Smaller than focus group interviews, groups of two to four individuals are interviewed together. Research America moderators involve these small groups to engage with each other and the topic, supervising the group discussion to ensure that every opinion is free to be expressed.

In-Depth Interviews

Sometimes higher-level interviewing skills are needed to obtain the research data you need, especially when the subjects are sensitive in nature, or when target respondents may be likely to provide untruthful or misleading responses. Research America’s in-depth interviewers are trained in helping respondents relax, open-up, and talk about sensitive and often emotional information. Our consultants develop carefully worded questions that approach tender issues with sympathy, avoiding any language that may be misunderstood as an attack, or judgement. Research America will help you build an interviewing component to your marketing research program that will measure how the needs, lifestyles and beliefs of your customers relate to your company’s products and services. Our interviewing methods deliver impartial, actionable data that will help you make better business decisions.