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Research America allows you to explore customer opinions through our expert moderators in world class focus facilities. We facilitate conversation that will provide useful insight into your products, services, ideas and innovations.

Research America focus groups are designed to help conversations flow naturally. Together we will explore customer attitudes and opinions in an enjoyable and comfortable setting designed to engage and educate.

Research America has developed a unique panel screening, selection and recruiting process that targets ideal respondents. We only interview reliable sources for honest assessments and opinions, who will openly share their perceptions with your company.

Our focus group panel moderators will guide your group of 8 to 12 participants through a conversation that answers questions we’ve developed together in your customized discussion guide. The answers we collect during focus groups will help you make decisions about current and future product offerings.

Our focus group process helps you discover how your current product or service fills specific needs and demonstrates what customers want from your business. We lay a foundation for further marketing research exploration through in depth interviews and play a role developing questions to ask during a wider quantitative survey involving thousands of respondents.

Research America delivers expert marketing research support at every stage of your product cycle. Our researchers will design a customized package, including defined focus group research to help you discover how to grow your products and services.