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Rex Repass

Rex is the man behind the story. A courageous leader and entrepreneur, he enjoys the numbers, but understanding people and behavior is his passion. Rex was CEO of REPASSĀ® Research and Strategic Consulting prior to the firm being acquired
by Research America in 2016. His firm was twice named by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing, privately held companies in the US.

Rex is highly experienced in implementing research to help clients meet business objectives. As President he challenges and enables the Research America teams to move forward, innovate, and to think differently. Rex offers this same level of vision to clients, illuminating the path forward and inspiring courage and confidence.

Rex is a student of journalism with a Master of Science in Communications, with an emphasis in public opinion and advertising research methods. He has an insatiable curiosity for media and the effects on human behavior. He can also hold his own against Wikipedia on any sports statistics and presidential history. Go ahead, try to stump him.