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Norm Smith

Norm has more than 43 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry,
the last 30 in managed care. Prior to joining Research America, Norm was the president and founder of Viewpoint Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm driven by qualitative market research among managed markets decision-makers to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Norm conducts a course at St. Joseph’s University Haub School’s Pharmaceutical MBA program, Marketing to Managed Care, and has lectured on pharmaceutical marketing at Columbia University’s Healthcare Strategies course. He is a member of AMCP. He also has appeared on The Wharton Radio Series on Sirius discussing the current pricing environment for new drugs and biologics in the US marketplace.

Norm has worked with over 50 companies, from early startups to the largest multi-nations, and conducted over 63 Advisory Boards and more than 480 in-depth interview studies on a variety of payer and clinical issues. Prior to starting Viewpoint, Norm’s managed care expertise began at Merck where he started their managed care division, and onto becoming Genentech’s first Director of Managed Care, and then as director of managed care for Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Norm’s experiences lead him to becoming a founding member and director of business services of Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems.