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Katie Klopfenstein

Katie turns complexity into simplicity. She is instinctively thorough, accurate, and systematic with a gift of using words to educate and inspire action.

Nothing makes Katie happier than a new set of crosstabs, a cup of coffee, a highlighter, and a pad of sticky notes. As Senior Research Consultant, she works cross-functionally to create masterful outcomes for clients. You will quickly come to depend on Katie.

A mix of client and supplier-side research experience, along with the fundamentals developed through her MBA, Katie brings a strategic edge to client work. While she loves the work, she also loves her two boys, values relationships, and is an avid foodie. Ask her about her gas station food tour across Maui, HI.


“Consumers, or users, or buyers, always have something to teach us; there’s always something new to learn. There’s a way to solve almost every research problem – it’s just being creative about how to get to your answers.”