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Jorge Santiago

Jorge has been working in Product Development, Segmentation Marketing and Market Research for 25 years. He began his career at Marriott Corporation as a market analyst. He joined Microsoft Corp. in 1999 as a marketing manager, where he managed the initial Microsoft Server 2000, Microsoft XP and Office XP product launches in the NJ and NY markets. In 2003, he was promoted to US East Region Senior marketing manager, developing the MS IT Elite research program to implement a data collection strategy, which brought together the top US IT technology professionals through a series of national focus groups dedicated to shaping business and technology practices commonly used today. In 2007, Jorge joined Nokia as Head of Platforms Marketing, where he worked closely with international market research firms to collect and analyze consumer mobile user data at all levels in the US, European and Asia markets. Jorge joined our New Jersey Facility (formerly Partners In Research, Inc.) in 2013 where he oversees all central location testing/focus group logistics, staff management and client relations.