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Jack Korte

Jack takes ownership of clients’ challenges, making them his own and providing creative thinking, detailed advice, and critical insights that lead to success. A deep curiosity into the “whys” of human behavior brings out his exceptionally strong analytical skills to find the right solutions to solve a client’s business challenges.

As Business Development Director, Jack nurtures relationships, advocating for his clients and consistently delivering the goods: on spec, on time, beyond expectations. It’s more than just growing the business; it’s mostly about earning trust and keeping it. Once earned, Jack uses his copious experience, understanding and empathy to help clients “nail” their challenges so we can press on – and impress – at the same time

Jack holds a MBA from Xavier University and has more than 20 years of research experience as both the client and the research consultant. He is a hard worker with an energetic spirit, which encourages thoughtful listening and deeper understanding. He has an infectious laugh and a supportive nature that makes him a distinctive cog within the Research America team.


“You must have the confidence to believe you can make the situation improve. The first step is genuinely knowing oneself and the people we are asked to lead; another part is identifying and then selecting from the options we face.”