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Amy Davidoff

Smart, analytical, strategic, and creative. Amy has a unique talent able to define business issues, work with data and effectively communicate what it means.
With her extensive experience in international research, Amy brings a global perspective to her clients. She enables teams to see new ways of leveraging data regardless of where it comes from – qualitative or quantitative; structured and unstructured; behavioral or survey data; etc.

She uses models, graphs, pens and paper – whatever is at her disposal. Her experience managing teams as an entrepreneur allows her to bring out the best in people. Whether it’s internal staff or external teams, she has a gift for energizing the process, promoting cohesion, and allowing everyone to grow each step of the way.

Amy has more than 20 years of experience, primarily on the supplier side of research managing projects ranging in scope from healthcare to consumer packaged goods. She holds degrees in Human Resource Policy and Organizational Psychology, as well as an MBA. An avid collector of vintage fashion and fan of historic architecture, when she’s not studying trends for clients, Amy’s busy exploring the stories told by cloth, wood, bricks, and stone.


“My passion is to promote the free exchange of knowledge and to help companies deeply understand the whys and hows of their business questions. There isn’t anything that can beat the energy of a team whose shared purpose and insights have generated creative solutions to business issues.”